AMP – 12 Practices For Deep Connection

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AMP – 12 Practices For Deep Connection

Like an NBA basketball player drills on the basics to make art in the moment, or a
martial artist trains in particular moves, these Connection Practices are your “chops”
for creating deep connection and rewarding interactions.
As you practice your “chops”, you’ll find yourself putting these pieces together, doing
“combo-moves”, and eventually weaving them like a symphony, and as they become
second-nature to you, you’ll find yourself making ART in your interactions…!
I could write for days about these practices, but the bottom line is that most of this
stuff is NOT best learned from reading about it. Read through the practices, pick a
couple to explore for a few days, and give it a shot even if you’re not completely sure
how it will land, and then adjust from there.
But first, I’m going to share with you an article I wrote a couple years ago for our AMP
Inner Circle Members that demonstrates several of these practices in a fun
interaction I had with a woman at a house party.
I’m sharing this story with you to show you:
How these Connection Practices apply in a real-world situation – even with a woman
who’s pretty feisty!
That this isn’t just a “Decker-only” skill – I didn’t always relate to women like this, but I
learned it, Decker learned it, and YOU can learn this, too.
And since I’m an uber-geek about this stuff, I’ll break down the stages of the AMP
Holarchy and the AMP Connection Practices as they come into play during the
interaction – and note them in


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