Ty Cohen – Kindle Cash Flow 30 Day Profits

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Ty Cohen – Kindle Cash Flow 30 Day Profits

Dear Aspiring Entrepreneur,

The Kindle — Amazon’s amazingly successful e-reader — represents the GREATEST BREAKTHROUGH in the history of publishing.

In short… the entire publishing world has been turned on its ear and changed FOREVER.

That change, in turn, has created an incredible opportunity for authors, self-publishers, and entrepreneurs to earn BIG PROFITS.

So why is the Kindle such a big deal?

Well, first of all, if you’re an author or self-publisher, Amazon handles all the tedious tasks FOR YOU.

They take care of delivering the books, collecting payments, and customer service. Plus… … they promote your books to their MASSIVE customer base.

You see… in the “old days” of self-publishing, you would have had to perform all those tasks BY YOURSELF. Not only was it expensive… it was also extremely time-consuming.

However, with the Kindle platform, you’re free to focus your time and effort on those few tasks that actually make you money.

But it gets even better…

Even though Amazon does a lot of work, they still pay you a royalty of up to 70% for every book sold.

The thing is… even if you were lucky enough to find a conventional book publisher, you would only receive a fraction of that amount in royalties.


My name is Ty Cohen… and I’ve been enormously successful at selling Kindle e-books.

But, before I proceed, it’s important to understand WHY I’ve been so successful…

Is it because I’m a genius with an “IQ” of 190?

No. But that doesn’t matter; Kindle publishing isn’t “rocket science.” I believe that virtually ANYONE who wants to do it can succeed.

And it’s NOT because I’m an “amazing writer,” either. No one will ever confuse me with Ernest Hemingway (or any other legendary writer, for that matter).

But — in spite of that — I have STILL managed to earn a HUGE amount of money selling Kindle e-books.

How did I do it?

Well, in a nutshell, it was through steadfast DETERMINATION.

When the Kindle was introduced, I knew it was a golden opportunity.

So over a period of 3 years… through long hours of experimentation, learning everything I could uncover, and trial & error… I developed a Kindle strategy that has proven to be extremely profitable.

And I want to teach it to YOU.

Why, you ask, would I teach other people my methods?

Because the opportunity is so VAST that there’s room for all of us to benefit.

Since my MASSIVE success began, I’ve worked with MANY of the biggest and best names in the Internet marketing business. I’ve also appeared on TV and radio, been a featured speaker, and given HUNDREDS of lectures via online webinars to share my knowledge.

There was enormous interest in learning how I was making money with my little Kindle e-books. So, as a result of that demand, I put together a course called Kindle Cash Flow (version 1).

That first version of the course was so successful that I decided to REVISE & UPGRADE it with the latest Kindle publishing info available.


That’s a fair question. Because, as you probably know, there are TONS of products that “claim” to teach you to make money with Kindle e-book publishing.

But the cold, hard truth is that most of the people selling those “courses” have had minimal success… if they’ve had any at all.

Their dirty little secret is that…

They make their money from teaching people to sell Kindle e-books — NOT from actually doing it themselves.

So whom would you rather learn from — them or someone who makes $40K per month ACTUALLY SELLING Kindle e-books?

What I’m going to teach you isn’t “theory.” And it isn’t a bunch of nonsense that I scraped together by searching Google.

No. What you’re going to learn inside the Kindle Cash Flow 2.0 course is based on my ACTUAL EXPERIENCE and what really works. I’m, in essence, letting you cut right to the front of the line. My experience will give you the ADVANTAGE.

Here are a few REAL testimonials from REAL customers.

After reading these, I hope you’ll come to realize that what really separates me from my competitors is that I REALLY WANT TO HELP YOU SUCCEED…


Why Amazon’s Kindle is one of the BEST moneymaking opportunities available today… and how to leverage the power of the platform for MAXIMUM profits.
How to dive right in and start making money with Kindle quickly… instead of spending months just trying to learn the ropes. (Note: I’ll help put you on the fast track… all you have to do is take action!)
How to profit from a wide variety of genres — including self-help, how-to, novels, and even erotica. There are many creative options available to you.
How to profit from Kindle even if you’re NOT a good writer. (Tip: I have TWO words for you — OUTSOURCE IT! I’ll show you how to profit from Kindle without having to write books yourself.)
How to make EXTRA profits on the “back end.” I’ll show you how to promote your other books and services with Kindle books for even greater profit.
Critical mistakes to avoid when publishing on Kindle. (Note: There’s a lot of bad info floating around. In fact, some of it can even get you BANNED from Kindle for life. I’ll help keep you safe.)
How to effectively market your Kindle e-books. (Tip: Understanding the principles of Kindle marketing can mean the difference between success… and failure. I’ll provide you with the DETAILED information you need.)
How to determine which categories of books sell BEST on Kindle so you can tap into that demand. (Hint: It’s simple. If you focus on creating the kind of books that sell well, you’ll make more money!)
How to write an e-book FAST. (Hint: It’s all about proper outlining. Do it right and creating e-books suddenly becomes much faster and easier. This is critical info.)
Have you ever dreamed of becoming a novelist? Well, now you can! (Hint: I’ll teach you a clever strategy you can use to build a following on Kindle.)
Understanding the 3 ways that buyers find books on Kindle. I’ll show you how to use that knowledge for even better results.
How to use proper titles, tags, and descriptions to rank high on Kindle. (Tip: Do it right and you might even beat out books from the big publishing houses!)
How social media sites — such as Twitter and Facebook — can help you sell MORE e-books.
14 websites you can use to distribute press releases and DRIVE BUYERS to your Kindle e-books.
How blogging can help you attract “fans” and BOOST your Kindle e-book sales.
How the KDP Select Program can help you promote your e-books by driving them up the Kindle bestsellers list — so your e-books sell even MORE copies!
How you can make money helping OTHER AUTHORS publish and promote THEIR Kindle e-books. (Note: This way, you can profit EVEN if you don’t want to be an author yourself.)
And much, much more!

What if my state (or country) isn’t eligible for the Amazon Associates Program?The Kindle program is SEPARATE from the Amazon Associates program. Even if you’re from somewhere that is NOT eligible for the associates program, YOU CAN STILL PUBLISH KINDLE E-BOOKS.

Aside from the cost of the course, what other expenses will I have when publishing Kindle e-books?Unlike traditional self-publishing, Kindle publishing does NOT *require* any money at all. However, you may decide that you want to outsource some tasks, but it isn’t necessary.

What if I can’t do it?Well, first of all, I’m absolutely convinced that anyone who is willing to make an effort can succeed. I’ll walk you through EVERYTHING you need to know. It isn’t difficult. You simply need to follow my expert advice and TAKE ACTION. No prior experience is required.

However, if you decide that it’s not for you there’s no problem. You’re covered by my 30-day, money-back guarantee. This is a RISK-FREE offer. (See below.)

Who is this course intended for?It’s for ANYONE who wants to learn how to make money with the Kindle publishing platform.

This includes:

Internet marketers who are looking to create a steady income stream.

Fiction & non-fiction authors who want exposure for their e-books.

Fiction & non-fiction authors trying to get noticed and picked up by “traditional” publishing houses.

Budding entrepreneurs, stay-at-home moms, students, seniors, and even part-time or out-of-work employees.

Individuals looking to help other people publish THEIR books.

If you’re serious about making money with Kindle publishing and want an almost “unfair advantage” over the majority of other publishers, Kindle Cash Flow 2.0 is exactly what you need.

Why such a strong guarantee?

Because I know my course works. I’m going to teach you the same methods I use to make up to $40K PER MONTH… with nothing held back.

My course isn’t like those pie-in-the-sky info-products that promise to make you rich overnight. My course is DIFFERENT. You’ll learn to build a legitimate online e-book publishing business… from scratch.

In short… you simply cannot lose. (I won’t let you!)

Kindle Cash Flow 2.0 isn’t one of those “cheesy” downloadable courses. It is a REAL, physical product that will be delivered right to your door.

Simply stated, it’s the BIGGEST & BEST Kindle publishing training course available. Period.

It’s a COMPREHENSIVE course that includes DVD videos, audios, worksheets, training materials, special software, course instructions, and more!

Here’s What You Get.

7 DVDs that contain 40 Modules (with nearly 10 full hours worth of training materials)
21 BONUS Modules
3 Full-Color Strategy Guides
Special Formatting Software
Special Proprietary Cover Creation Software
Plus… over 3 hours worth of BONUS Videos, Audios and Written Content

No other course can match Kindle Cash Flow 2.0. Inside, I reveal EVERYTHING I do to bring in over $40,000 per month with Kindle publishing.

Can I promise that you’ll make $40,000 per month, too? Well, no, of course not.

BUT… what I can do is give you my experience, flatten your learning curve, and provide the advance footwork that will help make you as successful as possible. I’ll give you every advantage possible… so you can hit the ground running.

When I started out, I would have done almost anything to get my hands on this type of training.

And, now… I’m making it available to YOU.

The COMPLETE Kindle Cash Flow 2.0 course is available for a ONE-TIME payment of just $997.

(That’s a FRACTION of what it used to cost to self-publish books in the “old days” before the Kindle and other digital technologies became available.)

To succeed online, you need to follow a PROVEN PLAN… and that’s what I’m offering you.

You can go it alone and try to re-invent the wheel… or you can follow along on the successful path that I’ve forged for you with my own blood, sweat, and tears.

If you truly want to succeed, it’s time to stop making excuses and start taking action.

So grab your copy of Kindle Cash Flow 2.0 and get started…


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