AMP- Get Her World Part2

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AMP- Get Her World Part2

You will learn

* Ways to increase your presence.

* More profound ways to get connection and understand people at a deep level.

* See through your own bull and others.

* How to set your boundaries while keeping composure.

* Energy mismatches

And more

Watch the conversation with…
* Sandra, the “Iron Curtain” Russian model
* Zelose – The playful, regal African woman, the only one to
make Decker cry
* Jasmine – The gorgeous, smart and amazing retired runway model
* Carrie – the LA actress who completely stumps Decker
* Kara – the object-Oriented Bondage Coffee Shop Model
* Paul – AMP’s video producer and good friend of ours
* Sean – In this one Decker models how to have a deeper connection with your guy friends


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