Brian David Phillips – Comprehensive Basic Hypnosis Course

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[(4 DVDs – Rip) + (1 CD – MP3 & FLAC)]


Brian David Phillips – Comprehensive Basic Hypnosis Course

Description: 4 DVDs ripped to .AVI
& 1 CD ripped to both 256k MP3 & FLAC (Content is the same for both formats, so just uncheck the format you do not want when to download.)


Complete Package including all Parts (One through Four) and Bonus CD

This is the complete comprehensive basic hypnosis training package, including:

* Workhorse Hypnosis Inductions
* Imaginative Suggestibility
* Solid Instant and Rapid Hypnosis Inductions
* Trance Toolbox
* Ultratrance Hypnosis Audio CD

This video course covers basic hypnosis and more and is the premiere Video-Based Distance Education option.

In addition to comprehensive basic hypnosis coverage, every skill required for membership certification as a Hypnotist with the Society of Experiential Trance and much more is explained.

The course may serve as an intensive review prior to a live course or examination or as a standalone course in its own right.

This course is built upon a practical approach of explanation and demonstration for skills.

The bonus audio CD is a practical model of weaving a number of hypnosis induction processes into a single session as well as an excellent tool for hypnotists to enter into deep trance.


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