Coaching – World Business And Executive Coach Summit (WBECS) 2016 Bonus Sessions

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World Business And Executive Coach Summit
(WBECS) 2016 Bonus Sessions


You should also be able to listen the sessions for free there. So if you don’t need the files, feel free to just follow the link and listen everything online

Session 1
Can You Prove Your Coaching Works …with ROI?
Lisa Ann Edwards – Executive Coach. Speaker Author: Measuring the Success of Coaching

Session 2
Transform Complexity into Contribution
Janet Harvey – CEO inviteCHANGE. Generative Wholeness Practitioner, Liberator of Potential, Bold Evocative Professional Coach

Session 3
Bringing Mindfulness into Coaching: How Presence Becomes a Crucial Outcome for Clients in Big Challenges
Doug Silsbee – Pre-Eminent Thought Leader and Author, Presence-Based Coaching – Founder, Center for Presence-Based Leadership

Session 4
Yes, You Can (and MUST) Measure the Results of Executive Coaching!
Brian O. Underhill – Founder and CEO at CoachSource LLC

Session 5
How Breakthrough Coaching Works – Applying the Science of Presence and Change
Dr. Marcia Reynolds – Master Coach, Trainer, Speaker / Helping leaders get results through emotional engagement and meaningful conversations

Session 6
All In Coaching : A Revolutionary New Business Model for Professional Coaches
David Buck – CEO, CoachVille

Session 7
THE PERFECT SCAN – 2.0 7 Toolboxes for Coaching Clients for Peak Performance and Wellbeing
Carol Kauffman – President at Coaching Psychology LLC, Founder Institute of Coaching, Harvard Faculty


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