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Dan Kennedy – Copywriting Seminar-In-A-Box

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Dan Kennedy – Copywriting Seminar-In-A-Box


Dan Kennedy – Copywriting Seminar-In-A-Box
Dan Kennedy – Copywriting Seminar-In-A-Box


SPECIAL Advertisement

Only 115 people were permitted to attend Dan’s recent, unrestricted door, 2- day forum where he revealed ALL of his most prized, most important and most profitable copywriting ways.

This high– powered forum was fully vended– Out and there was a long waiting list of others who desperately wanted to attend but couldn’t. And, unfortunately, Dan has decided he’ll not conduct a forum like this ever again.

still, the Seminar WAS captured on recording and has been made available to Dan’s Inner Circle Members— thousands snapped it up– and now I have induced Dan to let me offer it to all our guests at a substantial reduction, but for a limited time, to a limited number of people.

” After studying copywriting for times and times, I was sure I had seen and heard it all. I was wrong! The Dan Kennedy’s Copywriting forum introduced me to at least a partial dozen new perceptivity and ways that will nearly clearly double my gains in my business this time. I’d be missing out on knockouts of thousands of bones if I had not attended this forum. Thanks a million!”

Peter Louis Kacynski
Springfield, MA

Dear Friend,

What I have learned from Dan about putting words on paper that bring in cataracts of cash ordersagitated guests— for just about any business— has relatively simply made me a fortune. That is why I pushed so hard to get Dan to let me offer the videotapes and accoutrements from this one- timeonly forum, to all our guests.

Solet me give you the details

It has been about five times since Dan presented a forum completely devoted to copywriting– to turning words into plutocrat— and, relatively actually, it was” abecedarian academy” compared to what he delivered in this one- time– only, no holds barred, EVERY secret revealed, two- day factory. The videotapes from this forum are” infinitesimal“!

WARNING This is only for people veritably SERIOUS about being world– classimportant and very timeeffective direct– response copywriters OR who are using advertisementsdeals letters, and other published tools in their business.

This is surely not for everybody. You really should NOT get these videotapes if you’re a small business proprietor who intends to stay in that part or if you aren’t formerly fairly well– predicated in direct– response and have been doing some copywriting for your own businesses or for guests. This was an advanced factorysnare THIS occasion IF( 1) you’re serious about turning your own business into a gold- plated, stupendous plutocrat machineexercising advertisements and mailings that outperform anything you’ve ever done ahead, that bring in returns of$ 5- to- 1,$ 10- to- 1, indeed$ 50- to- 1. Or,( 2) you’re serious about using direct– response style copywriting for a variety of products and businesses, yours or guests‘.

In these 2 days, Dan took us through EVERY element that goes into a winning announcement or deals letter– in nanosecondexacting detail— supported by loads of exemplifications. He revealed EVERY trickstrategy, and system he uses. Dan has noway before tutored anybody all of this, step– by- stepidea by idea. I misdoubt seriously if he ever will again.

He also presented his particular styles for being FASTeffective, and fat at writing deals dupe. As near as I can telltalking with other top freelance copywriters, Dan out- produces them nearly 10 to 1. Yet his” palmloss” record is better than utmost, as good as anybody’s.

Why Is Dan Eventually Willing To Reveal Every Trick He Knows
About Turning Words On Paper Into cataracts Of Cash?

Dan has been asked to do this type of Training frequently. In fact, you are presumably getting this letter because you’ve expressed some interest in getting Dan to educate everything he does in creatingsuper-powerful marketing accoutrements . Until now, this time, he is been reticent to do a” magician shows how ALL the tricks are done” forum.

presently, he routinely commands no lower than$ for the simplest letter or announcement to$ to$ per copywriting design, plus royalties. And he literally has a waiting list business, with guests standing in line and patiently( or impatiently) staying for him to fit them in. Dan has been paid as much as$ in royalties from oneletter. Nearly 70 of all guests hiring him to write dupe formerlyreturn and continue.

As a result, he is fleetly reaching a point of being unfit to accept but a veritably many new guests during the entire time. And Dan is determined to cut back on his workload starting coming timeSo, he now feels at lesser liberty than ever ahead to lay everything he knows and does on the table.

Dan is preparing for”semi-retirement” in 2000, and this is one step in that direction. He’d NOT have done this forum if he was not ready to relax and work a whole lot less, if at all.( In a sense, you’re catching him at a” weak moment“. perhaps he will look back on this in a many times as a dumb move. We will see. In any case, this is your ONLY golden occasion to crawl inside this master– copywriter’s mind and excerpt indeed his most treasured secrets.)

Firstly, he intended to invite only 115 people– who each paid at least$947.00 to attend the forumalso he decided to offer the same know- styletutoring,” secrets“, and exemplifications he revealed at the forum as a” SEMINAR- IN-A-BOX”, but only to his Inner Circle Members.

Now you can attend Dan’s special forum at home, at your convenience, via CDs and DVDs, and two hefty primers including lots of shows and exemplifications. You will not only get the value of the forum— you will also have important” tools” you will keep pertaining to and using over and over again. This” Advanced Copywriting Seminar- In-A-Box” is being offered in a limited number, for a limited time.

want to give you some real sapience to the immense power and value of the strategies Dan teaches and discusses in this Seminar Package. So let me just cite a many exemplifications of his work for colorful guests

1. A series of letters that took a company from ½- million to over 1- million a time in deals, AND further than doubled gains.

2. A single announcement that has brought in over 5- million bones .

3. A series of letters that pulled nearly a 50 response rate.

4. A deals letter” package” that pulls a remarkable$4.00 in deals per$1.00 of cost from” cold lists”.

5. A letter posted to just,200 people(est. cost about$) that brought in over$ in gains in 11 days.( By the time this 3- step sequence is through, this customer will put at least$ in his fund against costs under$.)

Just as Dan was preparing for the forum, he got a kingliness check for$ from a customer in Norfolk, Virginia. From her test mailing of a deals letter he wrote for her, to,500 of her once guests and leads, she vendedjust) 68″ units”( lower than 1 response) at$395.00 net profit each.$ profit lower about$ in mailing costs.$ profit or$1.60 profit for every letter postedNow she’s posting a alternate letter to the,432non-buyers left from that list and rolling the first letter out to another,000. When it’s each over and done with, she’ll have made over$ from just ONE deals letter. And Dan knewjust as sure as I knew the earth is round, that she’d get these kind of results.

Wouldn’t you like to be suitable to produce elevations like these– and be suitable to prognosticate gains with absolute certainty *? How numerous letters could you get in the correspondence this week if you KNEW you’d get back a net profit of$1.60 for each one posted? Would you like to pick up an easy$ or so of redundant plutocrat two or three times a time?

* Yes, Dan can show you how to know with 99 certainty that your mailing will be profitable.

Dan Kennedy’s copywriting sweats have produced knockouts of millions of bones for his guests. In some cases, launched businesses. Literally made fortunes. And I misdoubt veritably seriously if there’s a presently workingactivesought– after copywriter anywhere in the country who can match Dan’s track record of diversity and success, who’ll educate all of his styles( at any price). This really is a one- of-a-kind, conceivably a formerly– by-a-lifetime occasion.

The capability to produce compelling deals letters CAN make or break a business. I am not going to embarrass this person by naming him, but his letter– transferred to Dan– is on train at Dan’s office and I am quoting from it thenword for word

” Eighteen months agone , we could not pay our bills. We went to our creditors and said we’d reluctantly pay them in 3 months if they would stay. Some said yes, others started collection procedures. At the end of the 3 months, we had paid veritably little on their accounts and asked for another 3 months. ultimately they all got paid. And at the end of 1997, we decided to pay out$ in time– end hand lagniappes the first lagniappes in 6 times! I relate the below to you because I attribute a part of our success to your training and consulting.”

Now I want to tell you that their reversal is nearly entirely thanks to their literacy how to write one strong deals letter after another, and using direct correspondence to make their business.

Theirs is a remarkable reversal and testament to the power of putting the right words on paper. To their credit, they were determinedactive” scholars“( and ready– fire– endliteracy– on- the- run entrepreneurs); they studied Dan’s accoutrements attended his forumsused his notice tickets, and modeled his successful juggernauts. And they’ve gotten veritablyveritably good at this craft.

These are the kinds of results— and further bigger, better– that you can anticipate by getting the forum– In-A-Box, and using these strategies revealed in it.

I Will Back Up This Advanced Copywriting Seminar- In-A-Box
With TWO veritably Generous Guarantees To cover You
Against Any Possibility Of Wasting Your plutocrat Or Your Time

First guarantee I will give you a 60- DAY FREE peep. You can hearlearn, and use this forum– In-A-Box for over to TWO FULL MONTHS without obligation. Anytime within those two months that you choose to return the package, you will get a FULLrefund.However, I will indeed pay you an redundant$ 10, If you’ll write me a letter explaining why you’re unhappy.00 for your trouble!

Immerse Yourself In These forum DVDs And.

You’ll be MUCH more professed and better equipped to turn out dupe that will achieve the absolute outside possible results in any situationBeing suitable to turn words put on paper into cataracts of precisely the prospects or guests you want, or into cash business literally at will, is THE skill that can relatively literally change you and your life.

Which brings me to my alternate guarantee anytime within SIX MONTHS, if you can shoot evidence you used one or further of the strategies and secrets presented in this forum package and can actually say you did not profit by numerous times the price of the entire package, I will still reimburse every penny you paid PLUS$25.00 for your trouble!( I dare any direct marketing pro immolation forums to match this guarantee.)

So the Copywriting forum– In- The- Box comes to you with ZERO threat. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Now Then is What Dan Has To Say About This

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