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Dan Kennedy & Jeff Paul – Joint Venture Back End Seminar

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Dan Kennedy & Jeff Paul – Joint Venture Back End Seminar


Dan Kennedy & Jeff Paul – Joint Venture Back End Seminar
Dan Kennedy & Jeff Paul – Joint Venture Back End Seminar


You can go buy EVERY book ever published, EVERY course ever vended on the subject of Joint Venture Systems and Back– end Marketing, go through EVERY” practitioner‘s” workshop on this contentfluently spend over$ and you’ll NOT FIND THIS INFORMATION anywhere differently.

My library is massive. I know just about everybody in this field who teaches or consults. Some charge as much as$ to attend their forums . NONE OF THEM give THE riotousPRACTICALSTEP– in– STEP INSTRUCTIONS AND SUPPORTING exemplifications THAT I DO Then, FOR A COMPLETE common AdventureBACK– END MARKETING AND WEALTH- BUILDING SYSTEM.

The enormity of all the plutocrat you’ve been letting slip through your fritters, the consummation of giant openings squandered. the sophisticated complexity of this information. the” to- do list” it lays out for you. it all may be too important for you to take. You may be depressed. You may go looking for a ledge.( Please, just have an adult libationCalm down. Return it for refund. Forget it.)


You’ll be motivated like noway ahead in your life by the grand openings lying right in front of you to dramatically increase your gains and income, to use the” back– end” of your business as a fast wealth accumulator. perhaps indeed to resuscitate your entire business for the better.

Dan Kennedy
Paper-‘ n- Essay Alchemist

still, who you admired and trusted offered to reveal to you THE SINGLE utmost IMPORTANT SECRET that makes the difference in business between huge gainswealth, If someone you knew to be tremendously successfulfloundering just to earn a modest income— would you pay attention?

And what might you pay for that coaching session, where such a secret would be revealed?

On top of that, what if this person offered an IRON- CLAD GUARANTEE, that the littlegivenlittle– understood information he’d reveal would be worth at least$ in added wealth to you in the first 12 months you held it alone?

I am that person, and the’ secret‘ is the subject of this letter.

My name is Dan Kennedy, and if you’re entering this letter, you presumably are formerly relatively familiar with me, and have heard me speakattended my forums perhaps admit my newsletter and have formerly served from knowing me.

still, what you may not know is, that it’s THIS SECRETmore so than any or all other know- how I have acquired in 30 times, that has been directly responsible for the ensuing achievements, which might also be appealing for you

To make a veritably large income from serving a unexpectedly small number of gueststherefore enjoying a simplelow– stress business.
To produce veritably predictable, reliable income. For the history 4 times, I’ve prognosticated my coming time‘s income 10 to 12 months in advance and been within 5 of the target each time.
To get fat prestotête-à-tête, I have created more wealth for myself in the once 6 times than in the former 24. I’ve guests who’ve multiplied their wealth by as important as 100- times in just a many times by applying this SECRET to their businesses.
To make a business saleable for a large” exit payday.” That may or may not intrigue you in the short– term, but take the long view. I did vend a part of my business in 1999, for a substantial sum, plus continuing compensation. I did so in a field where 99 of all businesses are noway saleable! Why? THIS SECRET.
To multiply your income without multiplying your work, hours or headaches.

one idea I got from you lately pulled in over$ in lower than 47 days!

” Dan, your information is worth further than its weight in gold! Just one idea I got from you lately pulled in over$ in lower than 47 days! In fact, on my biggest day, I brought in a whopping$. When I told my woman , she got angry- because with your idea, I made in ONE DAY what it takes her ONE FULL YEAR to make as a full– time veterinarian!( I made it up 10 her by buying her a new home with four acres for her new steed). That one idea paid for all of the bookscourses, and forums including trip and food) I have ever bought from you. In fact, I could spend$ a time on your products for the coming 10 times– and still not spend all of the plutocrat I made with this one brilliant idea. You’ve got a customer for life. Thanks again, Dan.

Investing my plutocrat in your marketing information has brought better returns than the stock request on its stylish day– and I don’t. have to worry about any threat!

Jeff Gardner, President, Success Achievement

Once THIS SECRET is completely stationed in your business, you will be on a most unusual profitable windsuitable to work less and less yet make further and further.

Now this may shock you, but I’m going to reveal THE SECRET right then in this letter. No chargeNothing to buy.

This violates a rule of writing deals letters, aproposnoway to educateonly to convert and motivate. still, if you were duly named to admit this letter, also I have every reason to believe you’re a bit” smarter than the average bear“, so that I can go ahead and give you quite a bit of information and also let you arrive at your own decision about acting on it, and trust you will do so, without counting on a lot of fancy salesmanship. We will see.

Anyway, whether I am nuts for doing so, or not, I am going to start tutoring, not dealing so please get a highlighter or pen to accentuate and make notes, because you will presumably want to keep this letter, reflect on it, conceivably partake it with associates.

What” THE Secret” Is Not

Let me begin by telling you– perhaps surprising you– with what THE SECRET is not.

It isn’t attitudinal. While stationmind– settone– provocation,etc. are each extremely important, and there most clearly are critically important differences between the waysuper-successful entrepreneurs supposevs. the way everybody differently thinks, this still is NOT the most important point of wealth– influence. Not indeed close.

It is not” direct response marketing.” While avoiding traditional advertising like the pest is obligatory, and understanding and using direct marketing, from important dupe to the right media, is all part of the winning formula, it’s NOT the most important key to a giant income.

It is not” target marketing” moreover. While zeroing in only on high probability prospects, and marketing efficiently is veritably salutary, that is not THE SECRET moreover.

Oh, and it is not business specificmoreover. As you know, I am in the” information marketing business” as are numerous of my guests, Platinum Inner Circle Members, and common adventure matesso I have been applying THE SECRET to those kinds of businesses. But THE SECRET has nearuniversal operation. Odds are great, to your particular businesstooSmall or largeoriginal or publicproduct or service, does not count. Your key to unknown fiscal success and freedom is this SECRET.

Also, this is NOT related to any one” advance occasion“, like the Internet, or Websites, ore-mail, or FAXing, or whatever. It’s bigger than similar effects. But it’s NOT vague and abstract either; it’s hard as- nails practical.

Who is kidding who–
there really are not any secrets left,
are there????

Okay, you got me.

verity is, as secrets go, what I am about to lay out before you is not important of a secret. Not like, say, Bill Clinton’s Black Book or the engineering plans for a covert bomber. perhaps you will feel a bit of a let– down when I pull back the cover and show it toyou.but.

Keep two veritably important effects in mind

First, I assure you that the reason 95 of all business possessors and entrepreneurs noway get beyond earning a living, to creating gigantic incomegainswealth and freedom is this” thing” we are about to bandy. And if just about ANY businessperson were tore-focus the bulk of his attentionenergy and trouble to this” thing“, his income would take off like a rocket.

Alternate, there is quite a gap between knowing about a’ secret‘ and knowing what to do about what you know— and also doing it.

That is why, after agitating this with you, I, of coursedo want to offer you an action step, a way to do what 95 will not do; to get concentrated on and into productive action on this’ secret‘ incontinently.

Nowthen it is

Every businessperson is way too focused on the” frontal– end” of his business, the getting of guests, the timber of deals— and slightly pays any attention at all to the” back– end” of the businessYet,” the reverse– end” is where all the real openings lie.

Yeah, perhaps you formerly knew that.

But let‘s digdeeper.Forget about whether you know it or not, and actually defy this question

still, 000, If I offered you$1.00 right now to show me, in illustration form, your thoroughcomprehensivedetailed SYSTEM for creating maximum value and getting maximum income from each client that enters your business, would you be casket– beating proud of your system????

utmost business possessors would rather strip naked in the center of city at high noon than show me their” back– end marketing system.

my relationship with you is directly responsible for over$ in deals in lower than 2 times.

” in business in 4 days, and a big knob of that was redundant profit I’d have noway seen without the one suggestion you gaveme.However, I’d be at least$ 100, 000, If I’d been using that one since the first of the time.00 further ahead.”

” Then is a important justified validation. I should have transferred you this formal thank- you sooner, but I have been so busy making plutocrat with all the killer marketing stuff I have learned from you, I have not taken the time.

Anyway, my relationship with you is directly responsible for over$ in deals in lower than 2 times.”

Dan Kennedy & Jeff Paul – Joint Venture Back End Seminar

Joe Polish, Piranha Marketing,Inc.

Well, it’s time to do commodity about that.

hear, all the cost is in getting the client. The giant gains can not come from there. The giant gains must come after the first trade.

How important do I know about that? The President of the largest company in my own field, in the information products,multi-media programs, newsletter,etc. business told me straight out that the average 5- time value of a client to them, after first purchasewas$180.00. At the time, the average 5- time value of a client to me, after first purchasewas$. And utmost of my guests are his guests, our lists lap!

Hey, that means I can make just as important plutocrat as he does with just 1/ 20th the work, 1/ 20th the outflow, 1/ 20th the structure, 1/ 20th the responsibility.

It also means, if he was not so gormandizer– headed stupid, set in his ways, and lazy, I could snappily make his business 20- TIMES(!!!) further precious.

Why Do I Get Twenty Times further Value Per client Than He Does???

Quite honestly, if you do not have a burning desire to know the answer to that questionalso you have missed the point of this entire letter, and might as well stop readingnow.However, you are just not the person I allowed you were, If what I just said does not turn up the heat under your curiosity to a whitehotlevel.However, also bail out right then, If you do not incontinently fete that knowing the answer( s) to that one question could be worth hundreds of thousands of bones ( or further) to you.

stillalso you incontinently know YOU MUST GET YOUR HANDS ON EVERY LITTLE DETAIL, EVERY SECRET- WITHIN- THE- SECRET behind this amazing 20- times multiple, If you” get it”.

still, would you snare your toothbrush and head for the field?
If I told you I was going to reveal it only to whoever showed up at a special meeting at noon hereafter in Chicago.

Dan Kennedy & Jeff Paul – Joint Venture Back End Seminar
Dan Kennedy & Jeff Paul – Joint Venture Back End Seminar

Dan Kennedy & Jeff Paul – Joint Venture Back End Seminar

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