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Bill Glazer & Dan Kennedy – Think To Grow Rich

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Bill Glazer & Dan Kennedy – Think To Grow Rich


Bill Glazer & Dan Kennedy – Think To Grow Rich
Bill Glazer & Dan Kennedy – Think To Grow Rich


OF HIS” nobility” word– Architect GROUP
HowULTRA-Successful Entrepreneurs.

& How YOU Should suppose
About The Business You are In
RARE occasion TO’ Peel- Back- The- Curtain’ AND
Loftiest position
Architect MEETING

Three times a time a small group of the top marketers in the world gather together for a’ unrestricted– door,’ exclusive meeting either in Baltimore, Maryland or Cleveland, Ohio.

Some fly in from as far down as Australia, Spain, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. They travel all this distance to spend 2 days to sit at the table with two of the top” Marketing Minds” in theworld.Dan Kennedy or Bill Glazer as part of a” Architect” group suppose Tank.

It costs anywhere between$ 15K-$ 31K a time to be part of these Architect meetings, but actors claim it’s worth every penny( that’s why there is a HUGE waiting list of people wanting to get in).

After one of these recent meetings conducted by Marketing practitioner Bill Glazer( President of Glazer- Kennedy Insider’s Circle ™), fourteen of the ultra-successful Members of his Info- MASTERMIND Group stayed an redundant daysat around a table and had a foursquare and candid discussion about the actions they parade which has lead to them achieving success beyond their wildest dreams as well as their most important beliefs participated by these largely successful entrepreneurs. Combined these individualities impact well over a million people world wide with their toolscoffers and systems.

This gathering is veritably important like what goes on during a typical Mastermind Meeting when a group of largely motivated, extremely fat, entrepreneurs get together. As you will hear on these CDs, this is a group of’ LIKE– MINDED’ individualities who enjoy taking friendly dabs at each other while they authentically admire each other, and are truly thankful that they’ve joined this amazing special association.

In addition, as this is being recorded towards the end of the time, you should know that the average member of this group has endured a doubling in the size of their businessfarther supporting the outstanding value of the Architect Process.

WARNING The’ Bigwig‘ Information Revealed
on This Recording is Sooo Revealing.
Sooo Content Rich.
So Practical.
It’s insolvable To hear Just Once!!!!)

Just like during a real‘ unrestricted door‘ Info- MASTERMIND meetingfrequently Bill has to control them in and keep control of the group, you’ll find that these recordings are no differentAlso just like a true Info- MASTERMIND meeting, when these individualities get together there is so important ground breaking information that comes out when they speak that you can not helpbut.Think TO Grow Rich.

NOWMeet” THESE” 14 Extraordinarily Successful Entrepreneurs You will Be Wiretapping On These CDs
Robert Berkley is an Administrative Trainer to the chairpersonspossessors, and elderly Leaders of both public and private companies. He’s best known for his program called Vision Day which is a one day, strategic planning day for your life. He’s also the Glazer- Kennedy Certified Independent Business Advisor for North and South Boston.
Alexandria Brown is best known as the” Ezine Queen,” tutoring over,000 Members how to achieve success online. She’s also a Marketing Success Trainer to entrepreneurs and creates products and a monthly Internet Event.
Jim Canale has a Real Estate Investing Coaching & Training Program and publishes books and conducts radio programs on” How To Live The Real Estate Lifestyle.”
Jesse Cannone is an Information Marketer to the Health & Fitness Business with over,000 guests and a half a million dispatch subscribers.
Mike Crow is a Trainer to the Home Inspection Industry, furnishing business growth strategies to hundreds of Home Inspectors each across North America. He’s also the Glazer- Kennedy Certified Independent Business Advisor for Dallas- Fort Worth, TX.
Ryan Deiss is a Class point publisher in a number of different requests including the fiscalhealth, and business openingsinclusively he has over,000 Members paying between$ 20-$ 100 a month.
Dave Dickson owns 20 bus form shop votes in the Tampa Bay, Florida area. He’s an Information Marketer furnishing Operation Strategies to over,000 Shop possessors civil and is the Glazer- Kennedy Certified Independent Business Advisor in Tampa Bay, Florida.
Matt Gillogly is best known as The Renegade Christian Entrepreneur. He provides Products and Coaching to Real Estate Investors nationwide. He also teaches Real Estate Investors how to be original Trainers in their own requests.
Lloyd Irvin owns one of the most successful Martial Arts School in theU.S. He also operates seven different Information Marketing Businesses includingmulti-million bone bones in the health and fitness assiduity. He and his woman Vicki enjoy a Real Estate Investment Training forum and guiding business that works with over 700 investors in the Maryland,D.C. area. He’s also the Glazer- Kennedy Certified Independent Business Advisor in Southern Maryland and WashingtonD.C.
Tom Koster owns the dieted growing ballot in the Netherlands catering to the Online Market. In addition he also owns an Internet Service business as well as other Marketing Businesses. He also publishes and distributes the No BS Marketing Letter in the Netherlands.
Charles Martin is a rehearsing Dentist, performing Advanced Restorative Dentistry. He also operates an’ elite’ Coaching Program that teaches other Dentists how to be successful in their practices and businesses.
Charles Petty teaches Investors civil how to make plutocrat in Real Estate by using” little given” online strategies and tactics. He also hosts a daily radio show on Real Estate Investing.
Sherman Ragland(a.k.a. The Shermanator) is a full time Real Estate Investor and runs the largest Real Estate Investing Association in the Greater WashingtonD.C. area with over,300 Members. He conducts a daily radio show on Real Estate Investing.

Bob Regnerus is best known as The Leads King and is frequently the Secret Weapon behind a lot of largely successful Marketers. He uses all of the most generally known( and not so generally known) online strategies to drive business to websites as well as work with his guests to increase conversion. Bob also provides Business Explosion and Increase Deals checkups.

LITTLE BACKGROUND TO WHAT YOU’LL HEAR ON THESE LIFE CHANGING RECORDINGS When Dan Kennedy or Bill Glazer begin working with a new customer, they’re frequently being introduced to some of their generalities and strategies for the first time similar as class, tiered pricing, durabilityprice pliantnesssuccessional marketing with multiple media,etc. etc. Of course this proves veritably precious to them and frequently results in HUGE improvements in their business.

However it’s possible that one of the most precious conversations isn’t about mechanics, processes, but about mindset. After all, success always seems to come back to that. All the’ how- to’ s’ in the world will not turn into important if the person or association trying to use them has bloodied business thinking.

During the discussion about the THINKING and BELIEF SYSTEMS of successful entrepreneurs, SEVEN BIG effects were covered that these entrepreneurs partake and have in common


Hear why they don’t view new client accession as an expenditure and rather they view it as investing. hear to some of their particular stylish New client Acquisition strategies that they use in their own businesses as well as those they educate to their own scholars.


hear in to why Systems is their most important point of isolation and while ordinary people suppose in transactional termssuccessful entrepreneurs like these suppose in terms of guests for life and guests to be developed over time.


Now, this does not mean you will not discover that they are not paranoid- in fact they are. The stylish Entrepreneurs are constantly” examining what they anticipate.” But you will hear how these most successful Entrepreneurs do NOT operate from a position of fear. And that introductory belief system— acts out in numerous different ways in their geste and their businesses.

IV. Vulnerable TO CRITICISM.

Hear how they embraceDr. Maxwell Maltz’ author of Psycho- Cybernetics gospel when he stated” I suppose the most profound and important consummation is that utmost people are inhibited and sabotaged by the fear of review and incapability to handle review, while high achievers are vulnerable to it.”


Hear how they suppose short termmedial term– 12 to 36 months, AND long term– 5 to 10 timescontemporaneouslyhourly when they’re creating a new business it’s done by chancing it within the being business. You will get their first hand perceptivity in how they do this. In fact, you will hear how they discovered a new business within an being business in just a many twinkles.


These extraordinarily successful entrepreneurs have surely learned that price is veritably elastic, and tend to test limits frequently. They’re also absent any guilt about charging decoration freightsprices and/ or charging all that the request will bearHear how they test price limits and their beliefs about price pliantness.

VII. suppose‘ horizonless,’ NOT’ FINITE.’

Hear their studiesbeliefs and views on the finite spending power or capacity in their guests. What’s their opinion and criteria of who they will do common gambles with and let others access to their guests?

31′ Off- The- Cuff’ Gems
That Came Out Of This Recording
Just a slice of What You will Hear On These CDs)
Charlie Martin’s” Six Ws and One H” formula for creating Systems to run your business.
Rob Berkley’s studies on why” new guests = freedom” and how you can use this to produce your own Financial Freedom
Why Jim Canale believes that new client accession is a business proprietor‘s alternate most important exertion and what he believes is# 1
Sherman Ragland’s important addition to the expression that” people do business with people they like and trust.” Find out what he says is missing.
What Alexandria Brown says is the stylish thing you can do when you are communicating with your guests.
Charles Petty’s caution why you can not have just one way to request your business and what’s really the right way to make all the different ways you request work stylish.
What the whole world study was dead as an online strategy and forgot to tell RyanDeiss.Thank Goodness!!
Bob Regnerus’ tip for creating a million bone business with NO plutocrat.
Jesse Cannone’s advice on WHO you should help and maybe indeed more important. WHO you should avoid.
How Rob Berkley finishes this judgment .” The better the quality of people you associate with the better, you, by,.
WhatDr. Charlie Martin meant when hesaid.when you shoot too numerous people directmail.they splatter.( This is a assignment that will profit everyone harkening to these CDs.)
Lloyd Irvin’s observation about why’ Success IS Messy’ why there is no other way to operate your business.
How Mike Crow has been suitable to successfully bring durability into businesses that others swear could noway make this work.
Do you sufferfrom.MY BUSINESS IS DIFFERNET? After you hear what Tom Koster has to say, you will noway suppose that way again.
Sherman Ragland’s accidental discovery on what he set up was THE principal responsibility as a Coach that when enforced made him completely necessary.
Matt Gillogy’s’ retired place‘ to find nearly all of the plutocrat you will ever need.
Bill Glazer’s simple and easy system to get out of the Commodity Business.
Dave Dickson’s key to making marketing much more effectiveDo you use it in your businessDo you know about it? You more!!!
How Alexandria Brown can operate amulti-millionaire bone business while doubling it every time withOUT a Brick & Mortar office and with ONLY virtual workers.
What Bob Regnerus does to console his guests and why you should do the exact same thing.
Bill Glazer’s studies about how every employer needs to suppose about the business that his or her workers are really by.

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