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Dan Kennedy – Field Trip Spy Tapes 19 CD + Videos

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Dan Kennedy – Field Trip Spy Tapes 19 CD + Videos


Dan Kennedy – Field Trip Spy Tapes 19 CD + Videos
Dan Kennedy – Field Trip Spy Tapes 19 CD + Videos

Eventually! At Dan Kennedy’s prompting, the ultimate‘ online’ and’ offline’ marketing experience comes straight into your living room via these exclusivetopsecret” asset– Cam videotape videotapes“! With these NEW” asset videotapes“, we come to you– there is NO precious forums to attend, NO breakouts to take, NO hospices to reserve.

Imagine having a” asset– Cam” inside a monstrously successful direct marketer’s officewiretapping on the staffseeing exactly how he advertises, generates leads, selects winning mailing lists, promotes his Websites, does FAX blasts, doese-mail blasts, takes orders and gets lightning fast results, works with merchandiserssee and hear EVERY detailwatch every move made interrogate every staff member.

asset‘ on every move and see how he rakes in as important as$ a day using veritably smart Internet and direct marketing ways.

STEAL‘ his secrets to duplicate his success for YOUR businessanyhow of what business you are in.

Smaller than 60 people got exactly this unknown bigwig occasion this time. You missed it. Now get it delivered to you.


Dear Friend,

perhaps you’ve been” getting ready to get going” with some kind of Internet marketing or direct marketing crusade or design. but you have not been suitable to actually get goingyetperhaps you feel overwhelmed by all the details of” getting started“– you understand everything conceptually, but need the nitty- gritty blanks filled in.

Well, guess what? The defenses and detainments end then. Because, with these brand new” asset videotapes,” you get to spend one- on- one time with me, Dan Kennedy, John Alanis, and my staff. On these videotapes, we show you exactly how I make up to$ a day with Internet and direct marketing. And you will witness it live, insidemy office. With this new information, there is absolutely NO reason why you should not incontinently begin earning an redundant$,$,$, or further PER MONTH, when you use my largely successful, extremely profitable, Internet and direct marketing styles in your business.

statement I have heard Dan Kennedy quotation is” YOU CAN’T LEARN TO RIDE A Bike IN A forum“. To really get it, you have to get on the bike. That is why, for the first time ever this time, we did what so numerous people had prayed us to do— we let them come right inside our services for two whole dayslook over our shoulders, quiz our staff, and have us show them exactly how we DO our business.

We limited it to 15 people each time, and that was confined. We called this our” Office Field Trip“– kind of like those field trips you took in high academy to the delicacy plant or shoe plant or whatever.

These people saw everything. We went online and set up mailing lists together. We did a broadcast FAX and covered the business it generated in real time. We talked to merchandisers, like printers and mailing houses, on the speaker– phone. The group overhear on client service calls. We put our Websites up and deconstructed them, showing exactly why we did what we did and how it worked. No fatherno matter how well– intentioned, was ever this thorough tutoring his son the family business! In fact, you might compare this to having a rich uncle take you behind- the- scenes of his successful company and let you in on every secret.

These people looked right over our shoulders and nearly endured everything we do.

No bone ever offered me such an occasion.

These people messed and dug and asked every imaginable question. They indeed sat( some on the bottom) and had Dan Kennedy painstakingly explain” THE BIG SECRET” to making big plutocrat in the information business( or ANY other marketing drivenbusiness). a FINANCIAL SECRET infrequently bandied anywhere but in his private consulting( at$ a day).. that I have noway heard anyone additional reveal in a forum, on a tape recording, anywhere.

In factthen is what one attendee, Jeff Gardner, had to say after he heard Dan’s compelling talk about” THE BIG SECRET”

” I have attended numerous of Dan’s forums , I have spent hundreds of hours harkening to his audio videotapes, I have invested thousands of bones to be a Member of his Platinum Inner Circle Group. and this is the first time I have ever heard him talk about’ the big secret‘. As a result of hearing this inestimablenew information, I’ll incontinently make changes in the way I run my business.”

The attendees of the Field Trip SAW FIRST– HAND how my” plutocrat machine” in the direct marketing business ACTUALLY WORKS.( And I contend these same ways apply to other kinds of businesses, and we did have numerous people then observing for use in other types of businesses.)

Anyway, you simply couldn’t conjure up or find a more preciouspractical experience. a more important roadway to success.. than this.

Unfortunately, you were NOT then.

And, since we simply can not bring further than 15 people at a time into this situation, we charged$. presumably will need to charge more in the future, if we do this at eachagain. It disrupts our business. It forces people to travel. And, while it’s a one- of-a-kind, hands– on experience, it does” dematerialize” right subsequently.

Shortly before our last Field Trip, Dan Kennedy made a suggestion to me, and laid down a challenge to me. Then‘s what Dan said

” There have to be a lot of people who would really want and profit from this, but can not handle the$ price label, or the trip. There has to be a way to get this on tape recording, into a box– without turning it into an ordinary forum. Why do not you replicate the’ Field Trip‘ on videotape?”” Further,” Dan said,” It will be a palm– palm for everybody. After all, the most number of people you and John and your staff can handle the way you are doing it’s about 60 in a whole time, and there will still be further than that who will want to get in then in person, so you will not lose a thing by doing this. Everybody differently‘ll win by bringing the Field Trip Experience to them, and having it endless rather than temporary, to go through further than formerly, or reference. Heck, I’d like to have it myself.”

Well, figuring out how to get this on videotape was not easy. This isn’t people in a hostel meeting room with a speaker on stage.

This is a bitsy group, prowling around my officelooking over shoulders, poking in Websites, observing on phone exchangessitting around in a circle in my office agitating the inmost nitty- gritty details of my business operations.

We had to squeeze in the videographer, camera, lights, and so onso we could capture nearly everything on videotape. We hooked up my computer to a big screenso we could project the Websites, software, reports,etc. that everybody looked at onto that screen, and videotape it– in numerous cases, it’s indeed directly zapped into the videotape. Anyway, when we’re looking at the computer screenso are you, on videotape.

This is not a Hollywood-perfect film.

But it is the closest thing to being the 16th person then for those 2 days as you can get.

And just how important could it be worth to you???— to be suitable to spend two days in my officeseeing exactly how I make as important as$ PER DAY using numerous of the marketing ways Dan Kennedy teaches. These are ways that ANY person can use in ANY business— of course, what you will see on this” Field Trip” is my information marketing/ direct marketing businesses in action. You get to peer over my shoulder, hear in on all my” private exchanges,” see exactly how I choose my mailing, FAX, ande-mail lists, see exactly how my staff keeps my” plutocrat train” rolling on. and also hear the attendees ask me, John Alanis or Dan Kennedy any question they want. ANY question!

In other words, how would you like to spend one- on- one time with me, Dan and my staff where we reveal the” wisdom behind the magic” so you too, can duplicate my largely successful, extremely profitabledirect/ Internet marketing styles in your businessFlash back— this is NOT a forum or a lecture, this is a” live, as it’s passing” online and offline marketing experience. You will get to see every little detail of how I run my business, how I turn paper and electrons into pure cash, and how you can fluently duplicate my success.

stillvideotapesindeed big forums , If you’ve ever felt” stuck” or confused as to exactly how to apply the marketing strategies you’ve learned from books.

forum speakers always feel to leave out the details— or just take your business operations for granted— the bones that can kill indeed the stylish idea. You seenothingindeed the stylish and the brightest direct marketers, talk about” business operations.” But, the verity of the matter is, the operations part of your business is as important as the marketing. No matter how good the idea is, it’s empty if you can not apply it, and overcome the veritably real functional challenges present in any business. Well, eventually, you get to SEEHOW IT REALLY GETS DONE. two entire days in our services SHOWING you how to fluently apply PROFITABLE direct/ Internet marketing in your businessanyhow of what business you are in!

When we decided to put on these Office Field passages, we wanted to do commodity differentcommodity that would truly bring this business to life for you. Do not get me wrong— you can learn a lot going to forums and harkening to an expert lecture from the front of the room. But there’s a bigbig difference between hail about commodity, and actually being there, witnessing plutocrat being made live andun-scripted, seeing operations and marketing working together in harmony. It’s the difference between hail about commodity, and actually passing it for yourself. Or, maybe a better analogy would be, the difference between watching a ball game on television, and actually playing in the middle of one.

These” Smart Marketing Field passages” didn’t take place in meeting room of a hostel. We did these in the” living room” of our office, the place where my staff, John Alanis, and I( and occasionally Dan) match and communicate million bone ideas. It’s the” epi- center” of the live action.

Now a real– time duplication of all this can come to you,
rather than you coming to it.

James Bond would begrudge this kind of espionage! No aeroplanes to parachute out of, no walls to climb over, no guards to get by, no pellets to dodgeobserving while sitting comfortably in a leather presidentbases up on the banquettewarmed by the fire in the fireplace, one of those shaken– not- stirred potables on the side table.

We DID get it right. We put you in as one fresh person, via these videotapetapes.You indeed see us do a reallive marketing crusade while you are” in” the office. You hear the phones ring in the background, the FAX machine publishing out orders, the correspondence being delivered, and witness the ongoing eclipse and inflow of plutocrat being made with the EXACT ways we’ll be showing you. YOU EXPERIENCE IT ALL, JUST AS IF YOU WERE Then.

Are These Field Trip” asset videotapes” For You?

Why should you be agitated about this?

perhaps you’ve been” getting ready to get going” with some kind of direct marketing business but you have not been suitable to actually get going yet— perhaps you feel overwhelmed by all the details of” getting started,” you understand everything conceptually, but need the nitty- gritty blanks filled in.