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Dan Kennedy – Internet Secrets

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Dan Kennedy – Internet Secrets


“ Insights that the Experts Have Paid $18,800/Day to Uncover… And FINALLY Discover the Keys to Massive Marketing Success Using Online Media – Guaranteed!"You’ll NEVER Have Play “Catch-Up” With Technological Changes Again... The Secrets Dan Reveals Are FUNDAMENTALs that Will Work Today, Tomorrow, and For YEARS to Come!
Best Part: You’ll Get Over 100 PROVEN Examples Of What’s Working Now TODAY In Internet Marketing Submitted By Other “Heavy Hitter” Marketers So You Can Hit The Ground Running Online In No Time—Just “Swipe And Deploy” And You’re Golden
Dear Renegade Marketer:
If you've been struggling to find a way to stay current with the rapid pace of technological change… and tearing out your hair trying to cobble together an effective online marketing strategy given the confounding mish-mash of  Websites, Social Media, Blogging, Tweets, Posts, Likes, and More
...then keep reading every single word of this message to discover how you can get INSIDER ACCESS to ALL of Dan Kennedy’s proven insights for marketing  using the internet... ALL the Foundational Principles… ALL the examples...and ALL the strategies in "easy-to-consume" format that'll make you more rich, relaxed, and happy.
And that includes every single example Dan revealed in that livecast so you can study, “swipe” ideas from, and use as inspiration for your own marketing…and avoid banging your head in frustration trying to “get it right”…
…just observe what other successful marketers have done and implement their ideas for your OWN business
You see, Dan Kennedy has crafted entire websites, devised integrated offline-online strategies for clients large and small. And many have made millions of dollars thanks to Dan’s strategies and suggestions...
And almost all the “Who’s Who” of Internet marketers credit Dan for being major influence on their methods and success...
This includes Yanik Silver, Rich Schefren, Frank Kern...well, you name somebody and...chances are Dan Kennedy is on top of their list...
Even Tim Ferriss, whose best known for his mega-bestseller "The 4-Hour Workweek," says he found one of Dan’s books when he was in high school... 
... and has read it 5 times since - he called it: 
"steroids for your entrepreneurial cortex..."
So if you’re looking for the TRUTH about what it takes to get your ideal customer, client, and patient to do business with you…then keep reading every single word of this message…
…because if you get ANYTHING out of this there’s one thing that’s easy:
 “You Cannot Just Slap Together” 
A Website And Call It A Day!
Big dumb companies put up websites every day that have NO offer, NO call to action—and just expect people to magically show up and automatically do business with them. 
This is a surefire way of wasting TONS of time, money—and a proven way to get even more frustrated and confused than ever before!
Why? Because there are a whole lot of “experts” who preach that…
you’ve gotta build your brand!
you’ve gotta sell to people the way they want to be sold
you want the site to be pretty and have a bunch of fancy graphics
you don’t want to “sell” anything on your site…because people will be turned off by “selling”
you’ve gotta have a lot of “likes” and friends via social media.
You see, there’s one thing that Dan has discovered in his 40 years in marketing…and that there are critical decisions that MUST be made about your website and your Internet strategy.  
Miss out on this, and you could be forever BANNED from achieving the success and prosperity you deserve.  You’ll be forever futzing around with HTML, code, PHP, and all that nerdy stuff…hoping and praying it’s going to magically help you get more customers, clients, or patients…
…like that movie “Field of Dreams”… “if you build it, they will come!”
Fat chance!  
So if you use sloppy tactics preached by “instant experts” out there on forums and other places online that don’t “walk the walk”…you could be utterly confused for the life of your wealth-building career regarding what makes a REAL direct-response site “tick”.
Listen: the worst thing you can do is assume the Internet is “free”…and that sending an email is “free”…and on and on.
There’s a cost to everything…even though it’s “free”.  Sure that email you sent out was “free” but it took you time to write it—or you had to pay someone to do it.
And sure, getting SEO traffic is “free” but the time spent messing around with getting backlinks, optimizing your site, etc. still takes TIME. Which is a cost by itself.
Here is what you’ll get:
Dan’s entire 4-hour presentation - professionally produced and edited on DVD.  Here is where you’ll see Dan reveal his secrets and share example after example of PROVEN websites.
You’ll also get a workbook that contains all of Dan’s presentation materials from that livecast so you can review, take notes, and implement these strategies for yourself. Now this workbook isn’t just a word for word transcript of the livecast, it’s an interactive guide that breaks everything down into actionable steps so you’re sure to implement (and not just a transcript!)
You’ll also get access to single PROVEN marketing piece Dan covered on the call…over 100 pages of proven examples that’s working now.  Imagine how much “trial and error” it would save you from constantly “spinning your wheels” trying to figure it all out yourself. Oh, and in the swipe fileyou’ll get many more examples Dan couldn’t get to because we couldn’t fit everything into 4 hours.
Dan Kennedy – Internet Secrets
Dan Kennedy – Internet Secrets


“ perceptivity that the Experts Have Paid$,800/ Day to Uncover And Eventually Discover the Keys to Massive Marketing Success Using Online Media – Guaranteed!”

You ’ll noway Have Play “ Catch– Up ” With Technological Changes Again. The Secrets Dan Reveals Are FUNDAMENTALs that Will Work momenthereafter, and For Times to Come!

Stylish Part You ’ll Get Over 100 PROVEN exemplifications Of What’s Working Now TODAY In Internet Marketing Submitted By Other “ Heavy megahit ” Marketers So You Can Hit The Ground Running Online In No Time — Just “ Swipe And Emplace ” And You ’re Golden

Dear Renegade Marketer

still, Social Media, Blogging, If you’ve been floundering to find a way to stay current with the rapid-fire pace of technological change and tearing out your hair trying to cobble together an effective online marketing strategy given the confounding mish- crush of Websites.
also keep reading every single word of this communication to discover how you can get INSIDER ACCESS to ALL of Dan Kennedy’s proven perceptivity for marketing using the internet. ALL the Foundational Principles ALL theexamples.and ALL the strategies in” easy– to- consume” format that’ll make you more richrelaxed, and happy.

And that includes every single illustration Dan revealed in that livecast so you can study, “ swipe ” ideas from, and use as alleviation for your own marketing and avoid banging your head in frustration trying to “ get it right ”

just observe what other successful marketers have done and apply their ideas for your OWN business

You see, Dan Kennedy has drafted entire websites, cooked integrated offline- online strategies for guests large and small. And numerous have made millions of bones thanks to Dan’s strategies and suggestions.

And nearly all the “ Who’s Who ” of Internet marketers credit Dan for being major influence on their styles and success.

This includes Yanik Silver, Rich Schefren, FrankKern.well, you name notorietyand.chances are Dan Kennedy is on top of their list.

Indeed Tim Ferriss, whose best known for hismega-bestseller” The 4- Hour Workweek,” says he set up one of Dan’s books when he was in high academy.

and has read it 5 times since- he called it

” steroids for your entrepreneurial cortex.”

So if you ’re looking for the verity about what it takes to get your ideal clientcustomer, and case to do business with you also keep reading every single word of this communication

because if you get ANYTHING out of this there’s one thing that’s easy

“ You Can not Just Affront Together ”
A Website And Call It A Day!

Big dumb companies put up websites every day that have NO offer, NO call to action — and just anticipate people to magically show up and automatically do business with them.

This is a surefire way of wasting TONS of timeplutocrat — and a proven way to get indeed more frustrated and confused than ever ahead!

Why? Because there are a whole lot of “ experts ” who sermonize that

you ’ve got ta make your brand!
you ’ve got ta vend to people the way they want to be vended
you want the point to be enough and have a bunch of fancy plates
you do n’t want to “ vend ” anything on your point because people will be turned off by “ dealing 
you ’ve got ta have a lot of “ likes ” and musketeers via social media.

You see, there’s one thing that Dan has discovered in his 40 times in marketing and that there are critical opinions that MUST be made about your website and your Internet strategy.

Miss out on this, and you could be ever BANNED from achieving the success and substance you earn. You ’ll be ever futzing around with HTML, law, PHP, and all that cerebral stuff hoping and soliciting it’s going to magically help you get further guestsguests, or cases

like that movie “ Field of Dreams ” “ if you make it, they will come! ”

Fat chance!

So if you use sloppy tactics sermonized by “ instant experts ” out there on forums and other places online that do n’t “ walk the walk ” you could be hugely confused for the life of your wealth– structure career regarding what makes a REAL direct– response point “ crack ”.

hear the worst thing you can do is assume the Internet is “ free ” and that transferring an dispatch is “ free ” and on and on.

There’s a cost to everything indeed though it’s “ free ”. Sure that dispatch you transferred out was “ free ” but it took you time to write it — or you had to pay someone to do it.

And suregetting SEO business is “ free ” but the time spent intruding around with getting backlinks, optimizing your point,etc. still takes TIME. Which is a cost by itself.

Then‘s what you ’ll get

Dan’s entire 4- hour donation– professionally produced and edited on DVD. Then‘s where you ’ll see Dan reveal his secrets and share illustration after illustration of PROVEN websites.
You ’ll also get a workbook that contains all of Dan’s donation accoutrements from that livecast so you can reviewtake notes, and apply these strategies for yourself. Now this workbook is n’t just a word for word paraphrase of the livecast, it’s an interactive companion that breaks everything down into practicable way so you ’re sure to apply( and not just a paraphrase!)
You ’ll also get access to single PROVEN marketing piece Dan covered on the call over 100 runners of proven exemplifications that’s working nowImagine how important “ trial and error ” it would save you from constantly “ spinning your bus ” trying to figure it all out yourself. Oh, and in the swipe fileyou ’ll get numerous further exemplifications Dan could n’t get to because we could n’t fit everything into 4 hours.

smart people reading this who want to exceed online are going jump each over this– because they realize the value of having PROVEN online marketing pieces at their disposal!

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