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Dan Kennedy – Writing For Info Marketers Training & Certification

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Dan Kennedy – Writing For Info Marketers Training & Certification Program



Dan Kennedy - Writing For Info Marketers Training & Certification Program
Dan Kennedy – Writing For Info Marketers Training & Certification Program


pass– key to the vast treasure– trove of
freelance jotting openings
inside the ‘ information marketing assiduity ’

– where I ’ve lived for 38 times where good guests need good pensright now

Let me tell you who the word– marketers are, where to find them, how to write for them give you templates and exemplifications of what they need prepare you in every way to succeed with these guests AND ARRANGE TO HAVE YOUR Vacuity AS A FREELANCE pen Announced FOR YOU TO THESE guests, AT ZERO COST TO YOU.

It’s a advance occasion. It’s also limited and promptitude of response mattersso please read this urgently. This is a L- O- N- G letter because it deals with a veritably comprehensive approach to creating good jotting assignments and guests for you.

Dear Fellow pen & AWAI Member,

In 2012, after MUCH discussion, Katie Yeakle induced me to take a limited number of AWAI pens inside the assiduity I helped bear and have developed and stand as the honored leader of – information marketing – and to introduce them to “ empty ” guests eager to find new gift and goodwell set pens.

Since alsoabout 450 have completed the special medication, and numerous have connected with guests, and reports from pens excited with their new information– marketer guests keep pouring in.

Anecdotally, I can tell you of further than$,000 that has been paid to pens CERTIFIED via this Program, by information marketers I know tête-à-tête. The aggregatemuch advancedMore importantly, the need of this assiduity’s information marketing entrepreneurs for able copywriters as well as content pens is inextinguishablegrowing then and abroad. Its Welcome Mat can be out for YOU! BUT – these guests have PARTICULAR requirements and conditions.

What they DO N’T want and have no tolerance for pens who don’t understand how their businesses work, why their guests buy, and what they need.

Since I just about constructed their businesses and have been paid over$ 1- million a time to write for them, who better to prepare you to step by and succeed with these guests?

What you need, to support yourself as a professional pen, is a skeleton of guests who “ consume ” a lot of writing constantly, month in, month out. guests you can “ live with. ” guests who give you with certainty and security and steady inflow of assignments.

Well, there’s no better place to get them than inside the information marketing assiduityInformation marketers ’ businesses use up more jotting than any otheryet, ironically, numerous possessors of these businesses aren’t good pens themselves or can do it but do n’t want to. And the volume they need precludes them from doing it all.

You may incontinently suppose about newsletter publishers, but they’re but a small part of this ‘ retired assiduity ’ thousands of complex,multi-product publishers, forum companiesguiding associationsclass associations make up the word– marketing world – and the question I and my friend, Robert Skrob, President of the Information Marketing Industry hear most is where can I find competent copywriters I do n’t have to academy from scrape about my word– marketing business?

As a little demonstration, I had an word– marketer on a call for AWAI, who invited pens to “ investigation ” – he promised to give a pay assignment to one but actually hired three, and one has, so far, gotten multiple assignments. He’s typical. These folks are H-U-N-G-R-Y for pens ready to work on their systems.

So – let me give you a look at typical guests the size, compass and nature of this assiduity the variety of writing it needs and how you might fit.

also, if you like, I ’ll give you the pass- key. I ’ll invite you in. I ’ll get you ready for these guests and these assignments. I ’ll indeed arrange to have your vacuity announced to them – for free. And I ’ll indeed notice your first work( unseen by your customer).

Who Are These guests & Why Is Their Need
For Freelance Copywriters And pens So Great?

numerous are business/ professional niche marketers. numerous are hobbyhorse/ recreation/ particular interestsub-culture marketers. Some are mass marketers. nearly all are, in part, publishers – of offline bookscourses, newsletters and other coffers and/ or of online courses, newsletters, blogs,multi-blog spots.

utmost have ‘ ascent models, ’ so their client begins with an word– product purchase also ascends with fresh purchases, subscription or class situations.

numerous are also in the forumfactoryconference and convention businessnumerous are also in the guiding businessnumerous are also in the roster business. Some indeed give ‘ done for them ’ services for their guests, like newsletters or marketing juggernauts.

numerous are smallsingle entrepreneurs with bitsy staffs and a lot of out– sourcing, still earning medial– or high 6- fgure or indeed 7- figure inflows. Others have big operations with 20 to 200 workerssalesmen outside and in the fieldindeed slipup– and- mortar locales around the countryLet me give you a many exemplifications of each, without naming names, of course

• A company that provides advertising, marketing and operation educationtraining, and coaching done– for- them direct– correspondenceweb point and social media services several conferences a time in the eatery assiduity. Its guests join a class program, and, on average, there are,000 members. The company is continually changing its own marketing in the assiduity as well as developing new juggernauts for its membersPeriodic earnings roughly$ 20- million.( veritably analogous and also sized companies serve over 100 other niches including dentistry, home furnishings retailers, bus dealersbus form shop possessorsreal estate agents, insurance agentssalon and gym possessors, etc. JUST ONE OF THESE COMPANIES AS YOUR customer CHANGES EVERYTHING!)

• A health care company with over 300 franchised conventions nationwide, constantly in need of new review advertisementsdirect– correspondence juggernauts, online juggernauts aimed at cases with habitual conditionsPeriodic earnings over$ 150- million.

• A publishing company creating and dealing DVD and online courses on wine, cuisinearttrip and health,anti-aging and life, which continually tests new direct– correspondence packages against controls for crucial products and solo offersover– dates and publishes dozens of different registers each time, and feeds online and social media spots with content. Periodic earnings roughly$ 10- million.

• An “ occasion company ” that researches and assembles information for one to several new paying openings per month and also develops comprehensive,multi-step,multi-media juggernauts reaching as numerous as 1- million people. Periodic earnings roughly$ 10- million.

• A parenthood chops guiding business that publishes Christian and temporal bookshome study courses, online courses, and newsletters and conducts conferences. A fairly new business developing dozens of new products this time along with web spots,e-zines, and other online support for them, amazon store content, and social media content.

• A for- profit trade association in the martial trades assiduity that publishes a yearly online magazine, newsletters, done– for- the- seminaries advertising and marketing juggernautsfrequently tied to martial trades themed pictures like Kung Fu Panda), conducts conferences for academe possessors, conducts webinars and tele- forums Periodic Earnings roughly$ 15- million.

What ALL these businesses partake in common
their businesses revolve entirely around the written word!

Their products as well as their marketing – all must be written. For utmost, there are a certain number of major juggernauts and product launches being each time, for which they may, honestlyformerly have freelance or staff copywriters they calculate on.

But for utmost, there are also riotous day– to- day needs fore-mails,e-zines, webinars and webinar creation juggernautsfollow– up juggernauts, blogs, social mediaprint newsletters and furthernumerous of these businesses were born by their possessors writing all that copy themselves but have out– grown the capability of that one person to keep up.

These businesses ’ deals are fueled entirely by direct– response dupe for advertisementsdeals letters, leafletsregistersweb spots. Their appetite for dupe that sells is inextinguishableBeat– the- control openings can be had. These doors are open for ‘ new gift ’ who can bring fresh ideas and perspectives to the tableIndeed those who hire me from time to time also use several to numerous other copywriters.

Everybody knows about the sprinkle of big– name newsletter publishers that numerous AWAI Members write for – and numerous further lust after. But there’s a giant “ cabin assiduity ” then of word– businesses unknown outside their own niches, each generating from$ 1- million or so as a “ kitchen table operation ” to$ 20- million or further hundreds and hundreds of them all still run by their generators, so you work with the man or woman at the helm. These are entrepreneurial people, open inclined about new ideas, eager to find newknowledgeableable pens.

New companies begin all the time tooso openings to “ hook up with ” a new word– marketer and grow right along with him or her do constantly. In fact, this time, I ’ll have over 125 “ start– up ” information marketers with me for a day for the information marketing assiduity’s monthly convention( GKIC’s word– Summit), and one of the effects I ’ll be telling them about is the little, elite lineage of my Certified Copywriters for Info- Marketers, and the online directory of them maintained by AWAI with the Information Marketing Association.

There are also numerous further jotting openings then than just deals letters. Info- marketers need new online, website,e-zine and social media content, constantly.

They need their speechesforums and other training converted into papers that can be distributedcoffers for guiding membersproduct that can be vended. They need books and courses ghost– written. BUT ORDINARY FREELANCERS FAIL to get and keep these guests and get this atrocious jotting work – because word– marketers need all this jotting done in a certain wayfinagled to fulfill a particular,multi-faceted marketing docket.

Fortunately for you, I’m privately familiar with that retired docket. The unseen- by-naked– eye engineering within all the written media these word– marketers distribute. When I hand you this “ law ” and make sure you understand it, you ’ll be suitable to talk about these systems with these implicit guests in a way that incontinently gains their trust and telegraphs that you ’re no ordinary pen; that you “ get ” what they ’re about.( And keep in mind most feel they ’ve wasted a lot of plutocrat on pens who deliver ‘ product ’ they’ve to rewrite to use, so they ’re reticent to experiment.)

Also, when I give you this “ law, ” you ’ll be suitable to deliver the kind of writing they need and want. You’ll succeed where others fail and have failed.

Having completed my Course and having my instrument will mean commodity to these guests. Until lately, I ’ve done my stylish to keep this source of guests to myself. But verity is, there are thousands of guests then who ca n’t, are n’t yet big enough to or just wo n’t pay MY freights, and that have requirements I ’m not interested in fulfilling indeed if they would. But utmost know that I’m the# 1 go– to copywriter for word– marketers. So when you approach these guests having been CERTIFIED in ME as a copywriter well– informed about word– marketing, you ’ll get a good hail.



Thanks to a collaborative relationship with the Information Marketing Association, your vacuity as a freelance copywriter/ pen specifically lessoned in the word– marketing assiduity will be announced for you, at zero cost to you to the entire class of the Association. Read that judgment againFurther, this is an EXCLUSIVE servicemeaning only the pens with this instrument will get this benefit.

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