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Lukas Resheske Copywriting Mentorship Program

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Lukas Resheske Copywriting Mentorship Program


Lukas Resheske Copywriting
Lukas Resheske Copywriting


Are You Searching For commodity More?
When I speak with copywriters they all tell me the samething.It does n’t matter if they ’re just starting out

Or if they’ve 5 times in the game.

They all say,

“ I Just Need Someone To Help Me ”

There are dozens if not HUNDREDS of bookscourses, and people out there trying to educate copywriting.

Some educate a bitsy part like dispatch copywriting or captions.

Some claim to educate newbies but also those newbies come out not knowing any further than when they started.

Some guys have tutored themselves for Times reading booksbuying courses, and going to events but they ’re still not sure if they ’ve “ got it ” yet.

see question like, “ Which 10( or 3, or 6, or 100) books should I read to learn copywriting ”

Or, “ Who’s the stylish person to learn copywriting from? ”

Well I believe you ’ve set up the answer. This is a private program that I ’ve run for over 30 people so far

And every single bone of them has said it’s the Stylish copywriting program they ’ve ever taken.

But I ’m getting ahead of myself
Let’s launch At The Beginning
Hello, dear anthology,

I ’d like to tell you one of my “ dirty little secrets ” as a copywriter.

It’s about how I got started writing dupe.

See, I ’d been “ studying ” dupe since 2009. Buying coursesreading booksgoing to forums ; the usual grind.

But I did n’t really WRITE anything significant until 2013.

What changed?

In 2013, I hired my first copywriting tutor.

Well, “ hired ” might be a bit of a misnomer

In reality, I principally prayed him to educate me.

transferred him nearly a dozen emails, resounded him daily on Skype, and forced him to take my plutocratjust to get him to train me.

Why did I kill him like that?
Because I was tired of being an
Armchair Copywriter.
What’s an “ Armchair Copywriter? ”

An Armchair Copywriter is someone who’s read some bookspresumably noway finished them)

Bought some coursesnoway made it once module 3)

And watched a LOT of VSLs and read a lot of deals letters; and thus considers themselves an “ expert ” on direct response copywriting.

They’re the kind of people who always give out their Top 10 lists of dupe books, but they ’ve noway bought them, read them, or studied them.

was one of them.

allowed knew everything, but also I hired my tutor, because commodity inside me told me that I was full of crap.
And after I turned in my first assignment to him, he proved it.
smelled Bad. Like, “ Sophomore In College Trying To Look Smart ” bad.

got masticated up. My stuff came out at a 14th grade Flesch- Kincaid position, and it was n’t because it was smart.

It just felt cumbrousunworkableundecipherabletone– serving burble that could n’t vend reduction crack to a junkie.

The pain did n’t stop there, however.

In addition to my assignments, I had to hand– copy a deals letter.

Every. SingleDay.

The old academy systemveritablyveritably many can follow through with it.

But then’s the catch
still, I had to shoot all the material he transferred me to another person, If I missed ONE day with my tutor. Another pen who wanted it worse than I did.
And * frack * if I was going to let that joe palm.

So I wrote. Every day, for several hours a day. For 60 days.

traveled to India for a friend’s marriage, and I still wrote every day.

went to a Military Training where I was over at 0445 every day, and got back at 7 pm at night, and I still wrote every day.

On top of that, I wrote assignments. I wrote emails, deals letters, VSLs, papers, landers; you name it.

And I read. I read John Carlton, David Ogilvy, Dan Kennedy, Eugene Schwartz, Eben Pagan, Mike Dillard, etc. ultramodern and Classic copywriters worth billions in profit.

And, little by little, I stopped stinking so bad.

vended my first deals letter for$ 300. also I wrote 4 further. Each bone made 1500 it’s cost on the original launch. Some are still being used moment.( nearly 4 times latterly)

My emails started getting opened. My VSLs got watched. And sluggishly, but surely, I elevated my skill to a “ Journeyman ” position.

In May of 2016, I decided to offer to do the same for a small group of people.

17 people joined my group over the coming couple months.

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