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Rich Schefren – BAP Business Accelerator

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Rich Schefren – BAP Business Accelerator


Rich Schefren - BAP Business Accelerator
Rich Schefren – BAP Business Accelerator


In each Business Accelerator Coaching Program module, you will uncover strategies and tactics that will speed the growth of your online business. While streamlining your business, and adding your particular performance.

In each module, you will hear from the business exponents and leaders below, through a videotape donation. In the coffers section of each module, you will also find an audio recording of each donation, that you can load into your phone or mp3 player to hear on the go. In the same section, you will also find a process chart for each donation, to help you put the pieces together and apply the strategies in your business for fast results.

You will hear from these business, marketing and particular development experts

Rich Schefren- Guru to the Internet Gurus. Rich’s unique business– structure doctrines bring his guests big results and big paydays. Strategic gains provides guiding for online entrepreneurs, enabling you to grow your business so you can work” on your business” rather of working” in your business“. giving you the freedom and substance you are looking for.

Mike Filsaime- Mike is an author, software inventor, in- demand speakerparticular trainerbusiness adviser and utmost of all an violent marketer. Fourteen times in the bus business, and his New York Institute of Technology education has allowed Mike to exceed at marketing, advertising, dealsclient service and long– term business strategy. He is learned all of these areas for massive Internet success.

Les Hewitt- Les is the author of The Power of Focus Coaching Program, where he uses his 30 times of real world business experience to help others overcome the struggle of staying focused. Les came an transnational best- dealing author when his book” The Power of Focus,” written with Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, vended further than,000 clones. It’s now available around the world in 21 languages.

David Kolbe- David is President of the assiduity– leading online strengths assessment company Kolbe. His flagship product, the Kolbe A Index, identifies a person’s natural way of taking actionso they can work their spontaneous bents to attain peak performance. A frequent speaker at assiduity conferences, David is an expert on hiring, retention and particular performance.

Scott Martineau- Scott enables entrepreneurs to work technology and achieve their ultimate pretensions. His passion is arming small business possessors with the tools to contend in moment‘s crowded business, and win! Scott has developed the leading marketing and follow– up software, Infusionsoft, which is extensively used by the most reputed exponents in Internet business and direct marketing, including Dan Kennedy, Joe Polish, Zig Ziglar and John Carlton.

Tom McCarthy- A Leadership and Peak Performance Expert, Tom has successfully tutored hundreds of thousands of people how to dramatically increase their position of performance in business and in life. He works with guests ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Tom was indeed hired to amp and train the deals force at Tony Robbins’ Robbins Research.

Janet Switzer- Janet has created elevationsunique profit centers and indeed entire businesses for numerous of the world‘s most reputed best- dealing authors, motivational speakers and celebrity experts. Her new book” Instant Income” has put her on the New York Times Best- merchandisers list for a alternate time. Janet enables people who are experts in their field to attain worldwide status and million- bone inflows through assiduity moxie and unique request positioning.

MaryEllen Tribby- Past CEO of Early to Risenow CEO and Chief Marketing Officer at Strategic gains, MaryEllen erected Agora’s ETR division to a$ 20 Million a time business. She has over 20 times of frontal– line experience in publishing and businessincluding working for Times Mirror Magazines, Forbes, Crain’s New York Business, Globe Dispatches and Weiss Research, where she created one of the biggest success stories in the fiscal and health newsletter requestsmart marketers watch every move MaryEllen makes.

Jeff Walker- Creator of The Product Launch Formula, Jeff exploded on the scene after tales of his” Six numbers in Seven Days” started oohing out to the Internet marketing community( when he generated$,000 in seven days with a new product and a small list.) Soon latterly, he came the important sought– after” hired gun” behind some of the biggest product launches in Internet history. And he is helped people use his strategies in requests as varied as Internet marketing. to massage training. to baseball coaching.

The Sessions

== DVD 1- Rich Schefren Drink to the attention age ==
This session with Rich Schefren introduces you to the shift that’s passing in marketing, and what Rich believes you need to do to profit from it. Including a lot of effects Rich has formerly been doing that he has not called attention to. But once you see it all from this perspective, you’ll understand why it’s so important. This session is an overview of some of the generalitiesalso, through the coming 8 videotape sessions, each speaker is going to punctuate a specific part of this story Rich wants you to understandalso, in the videotape 10 session, he’ll pull it all together.

== DVD 2- David Kolbe The Kolbe Wisdom ==
In videotape 2, David Kolbe, President of Kolbe Corp, focuses on What Makes You Successful. During this study– provoking session, you will discover that you have natural bents and traits you may not be apprehensive of. And when you understand them, you can truly achieve Kolbe’s description of success. The Freedom to Be Yourself. Outside, you will learn about the three corridor of the brain, and how to work the power of all three corridor at different times.

== DVD 3- Using stir Sensor Marketing ==
In videotape 3, you’ll see an eye– opening session on systemizing your marketing, from the Author of Infusionsoft, one of the leading marketing systemization tools in online marketing. Outside, you’ll discover how to conquer the chaos that utmost entrepreneurs witness when erecting a businessespecially in the start up phase. You will get specific strategies explaining the use of systems with your follow- ups, epitaphial gathering, referral generationclient reactivation, chapter magnet, and much further.

== DVD 4- The Power of Focus ==
still, or keep your thinking harmonious without getting scattered, If you find it hard to get effects done. this videotape 4 session will help you greatly. Because you’re about to meet the author of the stylish dealer, The Power of Focus, Les Hewitt. You see, Les understands the real world of business and the struggle to stay focused. He’s author of The Power of Focus Coaching Program, a unique fastening system for business people who want lesser gainslower stress and further time off! Whether you need help with managing timefiscal pressureswork and family balancekeeping up with change, attracting excellent people to work for you, maintaining confidence in tough times, or just a general lack of direction of purpose. you will find your answers then.

== DVD 5- Janet Switzer How to Turn Your moxie Into 52 Super Lucrative Profit Centers ==
In our videotape 5 session, you will join business and marketing strategies Janet Switzer for a meaning donation, as she reveals how you can work different forms of informationknowledge products) to cut through the clutter of the Attention Frugality, by turning your knowledge into as numerous as 52 different profit centersIncluding information products can help launch you to leading expert status briskly than nearly any other way. How to produce them; and the different kinds of products you can choose from. Also, since Janet has worked with some of the biggest name celebrity experts out there, she’ll also partake some stories as well.

== DVD 6- Tom McCarthy The Mental Diet for Success ==
During our videotape 6 session, you’ll join trainerspeaker and coach Tom McCarthy, as he reveals his Mental Diet for Success. Tom has counseled celebrities, Olympic and professional athletes, and business leaders, dramatically perfecting their position of performance in businesssports and in life. All by giving them their own Mental Diet for success. The biggest mistake people make with Tom’s training is NOT using what he recommends. So do not make that mistake. Because if you put indeed one or two of Tom’s strategies into action, you’ll see a brighter future open up incontinently.

== DVD 7- Jeff Walker How to snare Your Piece of the Coming$ 60 Million in Product Launches ==
In Session 7, you’ll get a crash course on online product launches from the man who made it a abecedarian part of Internet marketing. Jeff Walker. You’ll uncover where Jeff came up with the idea for his Product Launch Formula. the important rudiments that make it work so well, how you can use it to launch a new business in a big way, and to establish yourself as an Authority Figureindeed if you’re entering a new request.

== DVD 8- MaryEllen Tribby How to snare Your Piece of the Coming$ 60 Million in Product Launches ==
Next, you will meet the direct marketing hustler behind the rise of Agora Publishing’s Early to Rise division, MaryEllen Tribby. In this meaning session, MaryEllen shows you her plan for usingMulti-Channel Marketing to make your businessmove light times past your challengers, and influence forms of marketing that others have dismissed since the Internet came to be. You will uncover 5 crucial direct response marketing factors you can use in your marketing incontinentlyAlso including the 10 most important direct response terms every marketer should master. and how mixing in these 10 marketing channels can transfigure your business from good to great.

== DVD 9- Mike Filsaime Attention by Design ==
In our videotape 9 session, you will meet Internet marketer extraordinaire. Mike Filsaime. As he delivers a short course manual on viral marketing, and using it to produce AttentionIncluding how to produce a marketing contagion. The 12 rudiments of creating buzz in your request. How to get your contagion to infect the request and spread likewildfire.How to deliver your contagion to the millions. and much further.

== DVD 10- Winning in the Attention Age ==
In this special videotape 10 session, Rich and Tom McCarthy connect the blotches from the entire event to wrap up how to Win in the Attention AgeIncluding. Why Attention is worth so much. Why it’s so hard to get. The biggest obstacles to marketing success. How all the rules of marketing have changed. Why the engagement process is now obligatory. How to battle all of the interruptions people witness on a diurnal base. How to get your request involved in a meaningful way. The New Marketing Model for the Attention Age. The appeal of stories. and much further.

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