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Dan Kennedy – SuperConference 2009

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Dan Kennedy – SuperConference 2009


Dan Kennedy - SuperConference 2009
Dan Kennedy – SuperConference 2009


I ’ve gone a little crazy and decided to give you a$ credit that you can use towards your SuperConferencesm Registration Discount as well as Three Gift instruments totaling an fresh$469.95 in FREE coffers. I ’ll explain latterly how you can cash everything in but first let me tell you about the three reasons I ’ve made such a BOLD OFFER available to you YOU one of our “ Elite ’ GOLD Members
Given the state of the frugality, this time’s MARKETING & plutocrat– MAKING SuperConferencesm is THE utmost IMPORTANT EVER, we want to give you this huge reduction and FREE coffers as a “ encouragement ” to COMBAT THE RECESSION and to get you to take quick action.
honestly, we know that for numerous of our Members it’s tough out there. I hear it first hand from the people in my own Architect Coaching Programs and private guests. And who better to come to your “ Deliverance, ” with RECESSION Joker Strategies, during delicate times( when you might need it the most) than Glazer- Kennedy? So, this time’s SuperConferencesm is each about
If You attend no other event in 2009 and invest in no other coffers to fight profitable straits attending the SuperConferenceSM isn’t an option it’s a business demand!
– Dan Kennedy

How To insure That You RISE ABOVE The RECESSIONMake 2009 ASuper-Prosperous Year And Prepare To Profit As Never Before In The Fast– Developing Frugality

3 As a Newer “ Elite ” GOLD Member, you might not be as familiar with The SuperConferenceSM as our further ‘ expert ’ Members. It’s THE ‘ formerly-a-year ’ gathering of our stylish and brightest Members as well as the ‘ elite ’ group of Speakers & Celebrities we present to you.PLUS.this time with the disquieting frugality it’s further IMPORTANT THAN EVER that you attend and I do n’t want plutocrat to stand in your waySo, I ’m making you the utmost GENEROUS reduction OFFER possible. After all, Dan and I’ve an interest in your continuedsuccess.especially during these uncertain profitable times.

Heck, to prove to you that this IS the utmost IMPORTANT SuperConferencesm EVER, we ’ve indeed JUST ADDED an freshE-X-T-E-N-D-E-D session simply with Dan Kennedy meetly named “ Your Very Own Bail– eschewal from Dan! ”

This is an ‘ in- depth ” expansion of the RESCESSION RESCUE Special Report( You’ll admit a Copy of Dan’s RECESSION Deliverance REPORT posted to you FREE as one of your special SuperConferencesm Gifts with enrollment )- do n’t miss this. Then’s just a slice of what Dan will be covering

Dealing IN delicate CONDITIONS

Every so frequently, an profitable cycle seperates man from boystough from weaknimble from dull. In selling, salesmen frequently mimic inadequately performing athletes when they talk about “ being in a depression. ” And recessions do do occasionally with egregious encouragementsimilar as recessionother timessolely as a result of private reasons. Either way, it’s not the getting into a depression or the actuality of recessions that matters. It’s how you get yourself to play your way out. ”

– Dan Kennedy
1) WHAT??!!?? – HE SAYS IT CAN BE EASIER TO MAKE A TON OF plutocrat IN BAD TIMES THAN GOOD? IS HE LOONEY? DISCOVER the unique occasion presented by worried times, by the one thing people are looking for further than anything differently during similar times that you can give, that makes people eager buyers and wedged suchlike– cement guests and champion– lawyers to a far lesser minimum than during calmer times, and attracts guests guests to you who might else be resistant. YES, using this ‘ One Big Thing ’, it can actually be easier to make plutocrat during rocky husbandry than during calm timesREVEALED ONLY IN THIS SESSION!

2) SSSHHH! – Then ’S A SECRET NO ONE ELSE KNOWS( including your challengers) there’s commodity muchmuchmuch more important than the reality– of- recession, in the minds and feelings of guests guests with ample capability to buy yet vacillation and resistance deal with this and make it “ OK to buy ”, and watch deals SOAR!( rich guests actually explained this ‘ internal block ’ to a New York Times canvasser – and told canny marketers exactly what they need to say, to make the ‘ block ’ go down.)

3) HE PROMISES PENNY- stealers ’LL HAVE internal ORGASMS over Dan’s pulled– out- of- the- recession– deliverance– toolbox, dirtcheap, guerilla warfare strategies for making “ champagne deals ” be on a Budweiser toper’s budget. You can squeeze that nickel until the buckaroo ’s ridin ’ the buffalo. TEN “ skinflint STRATEGIES ” to bring bones in the doorfast ‘ n certain.

Why Attending The SuperConferenceSM Is
THE obligatory PLACE For Every Gold Members

* This is THE PLACE where the ‘ elite ’, utmost married GKIC Members gather together formerly every time
* This is THE PLACE to learn how to rise above Recession
* This is THE PLACE where for multiple days you get to immerse yourself into marketing and plutocrat– timberbeing exposed to the loftiest qualityvariety, and depth and breadth of what’s working
* This is THE PLACE where you can meet the person, make the contactfind the sellerdisinter the occasion or get the idea that literally changes your life.
* This is THE PLACE where millions are made in the hallways.( There are no other hallways like The SuperConferenceSM hallways!)
* This is THE PLACE where you can invest in yourself
*Heck.This is THE PLACE Where the Light Bulb Goes Off and ‘ GOLD ’ Members ScreamOut.I eventually “ Get It ”!

4) Quest WHERE THE HUNTIN ’S GOOD Dan says in recession, there are Two Types Of guests “ still ” EAGER EAGER, EAGER, EAGER!. to buy, to find new providers, to get agitated about new products and services, TO BUY WHEN NO ONE ELSE IT. You ’d more know who these folks are IN YOUR BUSINESS CATEGORY and where to find ‘em and how to attract ‘em.

That’s Not All There’s Also Another SpecialE-X-T-E-N-D-E-D Session simply With ‘ Me ’ Called
Bill Glazer To The Deliverance
WithSuper-Strength Recession– Buster
Low CostHigh Return
Advertising, Marketing & Promotion
Strategies & Real– Life exemplifications

I ’m not trying to vapor, but NO ONE HAS handed further “ OUTRAGEOUSLY SUCCESSFUL ADVERTISING ” TO further RETAILERS, BUSINESS possessors, PROFESSIONAL interpreters AND ENTREPRENEURS than me.
This is THE PLACE Where The Light Bulb( Eventually) Goes Off and Members “ Get It. ”
I ’ve won awards but, of course, of far lesser significance, and cash – over 34 times, in smash times and in the toughest profitable climates, in incredibly competitive surroundings. For this SuperConferenceSM, I’ve reached out to both Info- MASTERMIND Members and Peak Performer Coaching Members as well as GKIC Members worldwide, in order to assemble THE utmost VALAUBLE ‘ Show– n- Tell ’ I’ve ever presented. one “ HOT ” advertising, marketing and promotional illustration after another, every one having proven itself producing top results every one precisely and specifically chosen to Pay Off Big & Fast in moment’sconditions.However, you need to fire yourself incontinently, If you ca n’t take commodity home from this and convert it to cash in the bank.

honestly, if you ONLY registered to hear in on the two EXPANDED Sessions I ’ve described for you over, that would easily be reason enough to click through to the enrollment runner and subscribe up before the Special ECONOMIC STIMULUS Package I ’ve set for you expires, but let me give you a Exercise of the rest of SuperConferenceSM. After all this is The Most Important and ‘ Timely ’ MARKETING & plutocrat– MAKING SuperConferenceSM EVER

Also at this time’s SuperConferencesm

IVANKA TRUMP brings an extraordinary range of bigwig experience and sapience in Designing and Marketing Products and gests for the rich. in particular and business creation and managing delicate systems with millions of bones at stake. This is a rare occasion to hear from this dynamic youthful entrepreneur in person!( DIAMOND Members( formerly known as Gold) will have a print occasion with Ivanka.)

PETER SHEA, proprietor of Entrepreneur Media( conforming of the world notorious ENTREPRENEUR MAGAZINE, Entrepreneur Press – which publishes Dan’s NoB.S. books,,Mr. Shea sees further business ideasfurther business launch– ups and meets further entrepreneurs than anyone on the earth, and that, combined with his own life’s adventuresmake him uniquely qualified to bandy what it REALLY takes to succeed in a big way.

DEREK GEHL presenting How To( EventuallyReally MAKE THE INTERNET PAY Whether you just want to fuel deals for your original business or practice. or expand your business ’ reach. or develop a growingglobal online/e-commerce enterprise. or produce a 2nd income “ on the side ”. or convert your particular hobbyhorseinterest or passion into income via ‘ internet publishing ’— you simply MUST hear what Derek is putting together. And the timing for this just could n’t conceivably be more; after all, has there ever been a better time for you to work low– costpresto– action marketing openings?

ALEXANDRIA BROWN presenting How To CASH IN BIG On Personality– Driven Marketing And Go From ‘ Nowhere to Millionaire. ’ Ali will reveal why personality– driven marketing is the most important strategy you can fully control and use to increase gains right now, in this profitable climate. how she has used the internet, virtual sidekicks, and systems to automate her business. how to get out of your own way and achieve her trademarked pledge “ designing your business to produce an extraordinary life ® ”!

Ryan Deiss – in POPULAR DEMAND – the# 1 Rated Speaker at the 2008 Info- SUMMITSM How To Perfect A Membership Site Business And Profit From Continuity Income – and it can apply to any business, in any assiduity! Everybody from Proctor & Gamble, McDonalds, Disney and Apple to solo- entrepreneurs and original small business possessors are in the online-social– networking game, but nothing knows it inside- out like Ryan! Let him guide you to gormandize addition of this to your business or much lesser success with it if you ’re formerly over and running let this be your recession– busting advance supporter for your present business and/ or a NEW “ plutocrat MACHINE! ”

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